Anna Maria Rugarli 

Team Role: EOCA President, and Sustainability & CSR Director at VF International SARL
Anna Maria Rugarli
Anna Maria Rugarli
How did you become involved with EOCA: I became involved with EOCA through one of our brands, The North Face, which is a member and it has been supporting EOCA through a variety of initiatives.

Number of years in the outdoor industry: I am relatively new to the Outdoor industry, I 'discovered' it at my first ISPO in 2011 and entered a world of wonders!

What else do you promote to support conservation:  

Favourite wild place: The Little Karoo in the Western Cape Province
Favourite outdoor activity: Skiing, hiking and snorkeling

Perfect day: Bright blue sky, sun shining, skiing down the slopes
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I am delighted to have the opportunity to support and promote an organisation which makes a real difference in supporting conservation in the great outdoor environments.
Es Tresidder, EOCA Ambassador and Mountain Equipment Sponsored Athlete