Sarah Kampf

Team Role: EOCA Board Member, PR & Communications Manager, Marmot
Sarah Seeger
Sarah Seeger
A perfect day at the office!
A perfect day at the office!
How did you become involved with EOCA: Personally, I first came in contact with EOCA during the ispo trade show and was immediately inspired by their enthusiasm and motivation to jointly move things forward as an industry which really cares for the outdoors. For Marmot, it is an important part of its company philosophy to contribute to conservation and foster a global ecological awareness. Being part of such a unique organisation reflects Marmot's commitment to take responsibility towards the outdoors seriously.

Number of years in the outdoor industry: Professionally since 2010 (as PR & Communications Manager with Marmot), but as a passionate climber and outdoor person ever since I can think of!

What else do you promote to support conservation: Every time I am in the outdoors I try to minimise my impact as much as possible.

Favourite wild place: Every place which has a stunning mountain scenery and some nice rock to climb on. If I had to pick simply one: probably my home area, the Allgäu Alps.

Favourite outdoor activity: For many years my personal number one: climbing! Apart from that, I love ski touring, freeriding and running.

Perfect day: Waking up in the mountains, having breakfast in the sun with good friends, climbing on perfect rock and great routes and enjoying a relaxed evening with some good food.

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I am delighted to have the opportunity to support and promote an organisation which makes a real difference in supporting conservation in the great outdoor environments.
Es Tresidder, EOCA Ambassador and Mountain Equipment Sponsored Athlete