Professor Martin Price

Team Role: Director of the Centre for Mountain Studies, Perth College, University of the Highlands and Islands
Professor Martin Price (photo credit Ed Bernbaum)
Professor Martin Price (photo credit Ed Bernbaum)
Professor Price enjoying the mountains of Scotland.(Photo credit Ed Bernbaum)
Professor Price enjoying the mountains of Scotland.(Photo credit Ed Bernbaum)
What is your area of expertise in the field of conservation? I am Director of the Centre for Mountain Studies at Perth College, University of the Highlands and Islands, Scotland, and hold the UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Mountain Development. Working with international organisations including the European Commission, European Environment Agency, FAO, IUCN, and UNEP, I have been a key player on the global mountain scene since the early 1990s, and have organised many international conferences.  We run an on-line MSc on Sustainable Mountain Development at the Centre of Mountain Studies. If you are interested in this MSc, please find more information HERE.

What are the key issues you are engaged with at the moment? Completing the editing of an undergraduate mountain geography textbook; work on the characteristics of Europe’s mountain areas for the European Commission; work on sustainable tourism for the Alpine Convention. I am also a member of the Board of Cairngorms National Park: it’s good (and sometimes challenging) to be involved in making real decisions.

What could people in the outdoors do to protect and minimize their impact on the type of habitats you focus on? Be aware of the sensitivity of particular species and habitats, and that this varies depending on season and weather, so sometimes it is best not to go to particular places. And avoid scree running!

How and why did you become involved with EOCA? Nick Brown of Nikwax has attended conferences I have organized, and introduced me to EOCA. I am a great believer in partnerships, and also feel that the recreational ‘industry’ should be reinvesting in the places and people that its users visit.
Favourite outdoor activity: I am a keen mountaineer and back-country skier. I also enjoy experiencing and photographing mountain landscapes and weather.

Favourite wild place: I don’t have any favourites, and different places are wild for different reasons under different conditions…

Perfect outdoor day: When I can see a long way and it is not raining hard.
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