Hansjörg Auer

Team Role: Ambassador
Hansjoerg.  Photo:Damiano Levati/TNF
Hansjoerg. Photo:Damiano Levati/TNF
On the Marmolada, Italy.  Photo: Damiano Levati/TNF
On the Marmolada, Italy. Photo: Damiano Levati/TNF
How did you become involved with EOCA: EOCA member bluesign asked me if I would be interested!  I am also sponsored by The North Face, another EOCA member.

I have lived in Austria my whole life.  We have a lot of ski tourism there, and for sure everything started with skiing, and the whole area is dependent on it. But there is also this dark side concerning the environment. We have to think about sustainability. And then, for us at the moment,  the big discussion about hydroelectric power production. They wanted to channel the water away from our valley. I was totally against their big plans. We have to look at it and develop it of course, but not like this -  in a much smaller and more environmental way.

It is all about sustainability. We do not have the right to consume the whole of nature. There will be people coming after us in the future who will need it too.  EOCA is a neutral organisation set up to protect nature and the environment while working together with the biggest outdoor brands.  Joining the EOCA is an important step in making a brand more complete.

What else do you promote to support conservation: I am not a very good example because I travel so much.  But my goal is always to leave every place I visit on earth as I found it.

I really like the 2009 project EOCA supported - the School Extensions and Forest Protection project in Nepal, run by the World Pheasant Association.  I like projects which are not just about nature, but also about the interraction with the human beings in that region.  We are part of our outdoors and part of our nature, so it seems obvious to me.  Not only this, but  I used to work as a mathematics and sports teacher in a secondary school. So I'm kind of into this topic.

Favourite wild place: Anywhere that involves rock - and lots of it!!  I like to explore big walls all over the world.

Greatest achievements so far:
  • Sportclimbing up to 8c+ and first ascents up to 8c
  • Gritstone/UK up to E8/6c
  • Alpine climbs up to 8c and many first free ascents of alpine multi-pitch routes
  • Alpine First Ascents in the Dolomites up to 8b/8b+ (Bruderliebe, Silberschrei, …)
  • Alpine First Ascents in Patagonia, Pakistan, Oman, Norway
  • El Capitan free climbs (El Nino, Golden Gate except Monster Offwidth)
  • Expeditions to Trango Valley/Pakistan and Cochamo Valley/Chile
  • Free Solo "Pesce" and "Tempi Moderni", both on Marmolada South Face
  • Free Solo "Bayrischer Traum" and "Locker vom Hocker", both on Schüsselkarspitze South Face
Favourite outdoor activity: Climbing, Running, Skiing on expeditions and in my home mountains.

Perfect day: Realising an adventure with my friends on rock, ice or on the big mountains around the world, which started in my dreams. But I also appreciate every day where I can just be out there climbing, even if it is simply bouldering, sportclimbing, running or hiking.

Some of my best days are when I'm back in the Dolomites/Italy for climbing. This is where everything started and the area still ranks as one of favourite places to enjoy my adventures. This is also where I achieved my greatest climbing success so far: On April 29 2007 I climbed the route "pesce" on Marmolada without a rope. It was without doubt one of the most mind-blowing free solo climbs I have ever done. When I look back on this day now, it´s just incredible.

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