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Products & Services: Tents, Sleeping Mats and Stoves , Sleeping Bags , Packs - Load Haulers and Daysacks , Hydration Systems , Accessories , Winter Kit
Outdoor Activities: Camping, snow camping and campfires , Canoeing, Kayaking, Dinghy Sailing, and Windsurfing , Hiking and Walking at Higher Altitudes , Walking, Hiking and Picnicking - Enjoying the Countryside
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For over forty years, Seattle and Irish based Cascade Designs, the parent company of brands Mountain Safety Research, Thermarest, Platypus, Sealline and PackTowl has led the outdoor industry in designing innovative, useful and long-lasting equipment, manufacturing the majority of products in their Seattle, U.S.A. and Cork, Ireland facilities. From the original self-inflating Therm-a-Rest® camping mattress to the first multi-fuel stove, Cascade Designs has developed products that explorers, adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts and weekend campers can rely on to deliver optimum performance in the outdoors through exceptional engineering and quality.

Cascade Designs’ premium outdoor brands include: Therm-a-Rest®, the global leader in premium outdoor comfort; MSR®, the ultimate in high performance outdoor gear; Platypus®, specialist in modular hydration solutions for optimum performance; SealLine®, the outdoor leader in all-purpose, portable gear protection and PackTowl® the original outdoor sports towel brand. For more information please visit
An original Therm-a-Rest self-inflating mattress, early 1970's.
An original Therm-a-Rest self-inflating mattress, early 1970's.
When did you join EOCA? 2006
Why our company is involved with EOCA? “Cascade Designs is delighted to be a founding member of the European Outdoor Conservation Association. We hugely value the broad remit to preserve and restore wild places for the betterment of the planet and humanity. In addition we find the 100% application of donations to projects to be refreshingly compelling along with the transparent and efficient project selection process.” - Joe Mc Swiney, President
What else do we do to support conservation?We understand the draw of the outdoors and the personal rewards founds find discovering the world in its natural form. It is our goal to promote active outdoor recreation while protecting the public lands, wilderness areas, and waterways that sustain us all. That’s why we support efforts around the globe and in our own backyard that are dedicated to maintaining and promoting environmentally responsible access to these areas, ensuring the preservation of their continued use for generations to come.
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Our best green product and why? For almost 40 years, Cascade Designs has been creating innovative gear solutions designed to enhance outdoor adventures for people around the world. We make the vast majority of our products ourselves, in our manfuacturing facilities in Seattle, U.S.A. and Cork, Ireland. These industrial locations allow us to provide local living wage manufacturing jobs. “Lean Manufacturing” techniques are used in the manufacturing processes to limit waste in the form of materials, space and ultimately energy. Examples of this include re-use of shipping boxes, energy efficient lighting and keeping heat low when space is not occupied. The high quality, durable products we make are built to last and are warranted for repair in an effort to keep them out of landfills. Marketing materials are also designed to be recycled by using recycled content paper, plastic and soy ink.
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We’re delighted to have been supported by the European Outdoor Conservation Association, who have been
an excellent partner and whose support has enabled us to divert more much-needed funds into local projects.
Dr Matthias Hammer, Biosphere Expeditions